ASIC’s Laura Higgins shares her Superannuation Tips

ABC Weekend Breakfast hosts ASIC’s Laura Higgins to talk about Superannuation.

Background on Laura:

Laura is a Senior Executive Leader at ASIC and specialises in educating individuals on superannuation and protecting themselves online.

In this video, Laura speaks with ABC hosts about Superannuation tips and tricks.

These tips include:

  • Get advice. Superannuation can be really tricky and daunting – so invest in getting professional help.
  • Compare Superannuation funds. Money Smart makes it easy to compare benefits of different Superannuation Funds. Laura’s hot tip here is to compare funds when you are in the process of starting a new job.
  • Don’t be afraid of changing Super Funds. Most Super Funds are happy to help you transfer to a different Fund.
  • Monitor the performance of your funds. Monitor costs and fund tracking.
  • Consolidate your funds! Millions of dollars go down the drain each year in lost Superannuation Funds. Make sure your Superannuation funds are consolidated into one to safeguard against lost Super.
  • Considering getting Insurance? Young people may not need insurance, although it depends on individual circumstances
  • Thinking about contributing to your Super Fund? A 1% increase in contributions could result in a 20% increase later on
  • Invest in your future self, make a plan about what your lifestyle will look like when you retire

Comparing Super Funds – Money Smart:

Consolidate Super Funds – ATO:

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