Super jargon explained

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Although it’s constantly reported on in the media, many Australians do not fully understand superannuation jargon. We’ve identified some of the most common terms and explain them in language everyone can understand. Term Explanation Account Based Pension Also known as an ‘Allocated Pension’. An investment account established with a lump sum from a super fund […]


Unlocking the mysteries of your super statement

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Superannuation statements. Boring, right? But if, like many people, you toss your annual super statement in a drawer or hit delete, you could be depriving yourself of many thousands of dollars just when you need it. So it’s worth the small effort to take a closer look at your superannuation statement. If everything is in […]


Do you have $220,000 in a lost super account?

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Yes, that sounds incredible but the Australian Tax Office announced in November 2018 that there is an unclaimed (lost) superannuation account holding approximately $220,000! That’s enough to make you find out if it could be yours – or a family member’s?   Anyone who has changed their name, address or job (that accounts for a […]


Scattered super? Consolidate now!

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I have to admit, I get a real buzz when I hear someone talking about not knowing what to do with their money. The buzz comes from the excitement I feel knowing that I can help them. It might be in some small way, but more often it’s enough to help make a major change […]


The benefits of consolidating your super

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What makes us change? Why do we resist making improvements in our lives? Often you know you should take some action but … but … there is always a reason not to.   Let’s take an example You’ve had a few jobs over the years and been paid superannuation during each one. You have a […]


Get your super together and save

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If you have had different jobs with different employers over your working career you will probably have superannuation accounts in many different funds. Apart from the time it takes to keep track of these accounts, there are three more serious concerns of which you should be aware of.   Investment strategy Choosing the right investments […]


Salary sacrificing is not just about super

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When most people think of salary sacrifice they think of superannuation. It’s pretty easy to see why. If someone earning $100,000 a year takes the last $10,000 of that amount as cash salary, they will pay $3,900 in tax and the Medicare levy. Salary sacrifice that same amount as a concessional contribution to super and […]


Do you have the makings of a ‘senior entrepreneur’?

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The latest buzzword is “innovation”, but you don’t have to be young to be innovative – ask any ‘senior entrepreneur’! Reaching the seventh decade is an achievement that is nothing like it was for previous generations. Improved medical technology, and a better understanding of staying fit and healthy for longer is making a positive impact […]


Is your business your super?

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Many self-employed people view the sale of their business as their retirement fund – their superannuation. So just like ensuring that superannuation investments are being well managed, business owners need to plan ahead to ensure their business can continue to provide a reliable income after they retire. One of our new clients, Dale,* is a […]


10 common financial mistakes made before retirement

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Many of us would like to think that ‘older’ means ‘wiser’, but when it comes to money that isn’t always the case. The complexity of Australia’s superannuation and pension systems doesn’t help. The upshot is that there are a number of common mistakes that retiring and retired Australians make. What are those mistakes and how […]