If I was 25 again I would…

A happy woman smiles and holds birthday balloons with the number 25 on it

…buy less stuff and pursue more experiences

We all need to buy things, particularly in our 20s when setting ourselves up for life outside the family home. But the buzz that comes with buying stuff is often short-lived. Clothes go out of fashion. New cars quickly become old cars. The latest electronic gadgets soon lose their appeal.

On the other hand, the warm glow of fondly remembered experiences can stay with us for a lifetime. That sunset in Santorini, the noise and excitement of the Grand Prix, or the magic of drifting silently in a hot air balloon over an iconic city. And experiences needn’t have a high price tag. How about being the first to catch a sunrise from a local peak or volunteering with a charity food van?

There are thousands of ways to create the memories that will sustain us every bit as much as our future savings and physical possessions will.


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