Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Super

The government always reminds us that we need to be responsible for funding our future, whether we choose to retire early or work until our later stages in life. It is vital that you are aware of how your superannuation is being managed and if the balance you will have when you decide to retire will be enough to sustain your lifestyle.

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Do you have a grasp of your superannuation?

More and more people are forced onto a pension due to not properly managing their superannuation.

You may think you can survive on an amount of money you have accumulated over your years of work. However, more often than not people heavily underestimate this value. People want to enjoy their retirement, not to have to watch every dollar they spend.

As a super fund member it is your responsibility to manage your contributions (over and above your employer’s contributions), regardless of whether they are being invested into a retail fund, industry fund or your own self-managed fund.

If you do not have a good understanding on how your superannuation is working for you and being managed, book an appointment with one of our amazing financial planners at Bottrell Wealth and we can look at your situation and work out a strategy that is right for you.