Tax Effective Strategies

Having a financial plan that has proven tax strategies in place not only ensures your future accomplishments, but puts in place a structure that positively affects all aspects of your assets. Your wealth creation journey must be structured to include, how to receive your salary, contributions to superannuation, investments, risk management and debt. Your Bottrell Agent works closely with your preferred financial outcomes, to ensure you are achieving the most tax effective solution for your current situation, and those to come.


This term refers to the act of borrowing a sum of money at a fixed interest rate which is then used to produce more money that the interest paid, basically borrowing to invest. Used for the investment of property, shares and bonds, Negative Gearing is mainly used as a strategy for tax advantages. The main point that needs to be stressed is that a tax deduction can only be claimed if there is a loss on the investment in question.

When planning and discussing Gearing in relation to your business or future business endeavours, Bottrell Wealth know the importance of borrowing sensibly, and set up a structured proposal for you to follow. Gearing can amplify investment gains though can just as easily magnify losses. It is imperative to seek advice upon these matters before jumping in, exploring your options with our Team can clear a lot of confusion and uncertainty surrounding the topic of this Tax Effective Strategy.

Bottrell Wealth assist in finding the best loan for your situation, assessing tax implications of negative gearing against your marginal tax rates and asset profile, as well as configuring your affairs to reduce the conceivable cash flow challenges that may come up along the way.