Superannuation: preserved but not forgotten

It is important to be aware of exactly when and how you can access your super, and what you can do in the meantime to make sure it is working to your advantage. PRESERVED UNTIL WHEN? The super rules state that you can’t generally get your hands on your benefit until you meet at least […]


Protect yourself through superannuation

The attractiveness of superannuation as an investment and savings vehicle is well known. As we mentioned earlier, although the federal government places limits on the amount of tax-effective contributions we can make, the ability to structure insurance arrangements through super remains. HOW DOES INSURANCE THROUGH SUPER WORK? The types of insurances considered here are limited […]


Taking control of your superannuation

Seniors Retiring Planning

Taking control of your super A popular choice for managing superannuation is to take personal control via a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). Although membership is limited to a maximum of four people per fund, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) reports there are over half a million SMSFs, representing more than a million members. It estimates […]