VET experts talk about ASIC’s Be MoneySmart

VET experts talk about ASIC’s

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VET experts talk about ASIC’s new initiative ‘MoneySmart Teaching’.

MoneySmart Teaching is a free, comprehensive online resource for apprentices, students and young people entering the workforce.

This program aims on educating young people on various money-related life skills.

The two VET experts speakers are Diana McGowan, head of the Chair, Apprenticeship and Traineeship TAFE Network (ATTN); and Mark Russel, a Senior Educator at the Bendigo Kangan Institute.

In summary, Diana and Mark talk about: Here are a few of the money saving tips. Have a look at them

  • The importance of money skills for young people
  • Understanding budgets, saving, superannuation, insurance, debt management and taxation
  • Advice on how to build successful businesses
  • Advice on how young people can gain financial control over their future

For more information, you can visit ASIC MoneySmart Teaching:

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